Session Offerings

Injury Treatment
We each have different bodies, with different characteristics. From the way we walk to how we work. Structural Alignment is an underlying issue, In this session we work together to assess and work with focused areas of complication. While incorporating soothing and relaxing touch.
Wish to be pampered with smooth flowing strokes while incorporating firm-deep tissue massage to relax and rejuvenate the whole body? Then this is the perfect session for you. Instead of focused work on trouble areas, Jasmine will  leave you feeling nourished through and through.
Relax and Rejuvinate
The powerful journey that each mother takes is one of incredible beauty in which the body endures tremendous stress from physical, mental and emotional changes.  Massage regularly offers a way to reduce stress, maintain health and alleviate discomfort for the duration of her pregnancy.

90 minutes

$130 Cash

60 minutes

$95 Cash

First Time Clients

$10-$15 off  your first session


3-6 appointment packages